A Special Welcome From Your Coach!

What to expect during this challenge beginning May 1st, 2024!


Reduce stress, balance hormones and increase energy.

Embrace movement as a form of self love instead of punishment.

Improve strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility & coordination.

Look forward to workouts that are fun and easy to fit into a your busy schedule.

Navigate food sensitivities with confidence & control.

Establish healthy eating habits without restrictive diets or counting calories.

Receive group & individualized guidance from an experienced Personal Trainer & Behavioral Change Specialist.

Ariele Keller

Personal Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist & Assisted Stretch Practitioner
Founder of The Mirror Impact

My fitness journey began 8 years ago with restriction, shame and self-punishment at the forefront. Joining a gym with a goal of rapid weight loss to meet military recruitment BMI standards, I dreaded the hours spent on boring cardio equipment and felt completely clueless with free-weights. 

I felt ashamed, out of control and alone...

An adolescence of unmanaged food sensitivities, yo-yo dieting and disordered eating behaviors had not only wreaked havoc on my mind, gut and hormones, but also tarnished my relationship with food and led me to a place of frustrations and desperation. Seeing no “progress”, I was convinced there had to be something I was missing. 

I kicked off my search for answers just a few months later, enrolling in school to become a Personal Trainer. In the years following, I continued my education in behavioral change, nutrition, gut restoration and hormonal balance. I began to embrace fearless flavor, joyful movement and genuine self-acceptance for the first time.

For the last 4 years, I have been helping other women discover a restorative approach to mindful movement and fearless flavor!

The Investment: